Conscious (Re)Parenting

Transform chaos into connection

Why Conscious (Re)Parenting

Through working with a lot of parents from different cultures and backgrounds, I got to see patterns and similarities. I began to understand how behind every struggle in parenting, there’s always this inner voice saying:

“I wish this could be easier." 

"I wish I could be understood."

"I wish I could be in control.” 

In the relationship with our child, we’ll have the highest expectation. We’ll plant the seed of hopes and dreams - the best ones for our beloved child. We want to experience the strongest kind of love, that we probably never have experienced before. And the inconvenient truth is, this strong love we feel and want to give might not feel like love to our child. Love without consciousness feels like control. And control leads to disconnection.  

What should be done differently?


Looking deeper with the lens of conscious parenting, we'll see how our relationship with others is just a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. In every pain and disconnection with others, especially with our own child, there’s a disconnection within. In disconnection, we unconsciously pass our unhealed wounds, emotional baggage, and generational patterns

onto our children.


The process of becoming a conscious parent, even before being a parent, is a healing and transformational journey. It’s a journey to liberation. It’s full ownership of growth through reparenting ourselves. It’s a process of becoming a better and more authentic human, so we can raise authentic children.


So let’s start here to connect.


Hi! I'm Inez 

I've always wanted to be a mom. The kind of mom who isn’t only a parent, but a best friend to the kid. Gilmore Girls was one of my all-time favorite series. My ultimate fantasy of an ideal parent-child relationship. 


Oh, I wish it could be that simple.


Growing up, I understood that all parents always want the best for their children. But despite their best intentions, inevitable wounds are created and the connection is obstructed. The confusion is real. As if parents and children speak different languages. 


I believe there’s no other love and connection can be more powerful than the one between parent and child. That’s the foundation for all relationships. The emotional blueprint for how we see the world. Raising a kind, strong, resilient, and loving child is rooted in the parent-child connection. And it starts from the inner connection within the parents.


This is what brought me into conscious parenting, where I found the answer I was looking for.

I'm here to support your growth journey

I know how hard parenting is, and for this reason, I am in awe of your courage to embark on a process of change and transformation.

I was trained and certified by Dr. Shefali in her Conscious Coaching Institute. Oprah has endorsed her approach as revolutionary and life-changing. Integrating Eastern philosophy and Western psychology, conscious parenting changes people's lives - now and for generations to come.

Trained in her methodology, I help individuals, couples, and parents to renew their connection with both themselves and their children. I guide parents to see their generational patterns, to heal their inner children, and to re-parent themselves. With compassion and joy, I bring back the power to the parents.


I truly believe everyone has all the answers within and there’s nothing to fix. You just need a safe space to be awakened.


Start Here to Connect


The adventurous podcast for you, who wants to build a loving and connected family, even before conception.

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Private Coaching Programs

It's never too late, or too early.

We'll start from the here and now.

"Reparenting myself before conception"
For Individuals

Start your healing and growth before being a parent. In this program, you will be guided to understand your generational patterns, to reparent, and to liberate yourself.

"Building a blissful & connected family"
For Couples

Children's relationship blueprint comes from the parents. This relationship is the backbone of a healthy & connected family. And it all starts with taking individual ownership for growth, together.

"Regaining connection with my child"
For Parents

Thinking there must be a better way? There is. You'll be guided to understand the main blocker in your connection, how to dissolve it, and to eventually regain that connection you're longing for.


Interested to explore?

Book a complimentary consultation call with me. 

I’ll be happy to guide you in finding the right option.

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“Inez demonstrates beautiful use of concepts and she helps others to rise and evolve. Extraordinary! It's been an honor to have walked with you on this path, Inez. This is what you're meant to do.”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Clinical Psychologist, NY Times Best Selling Author, International Speaker



"I've gone through so many pregnancy challenges and many other personal traumatic experiences. Inez helped me and gave me space to feel safe - the feeling that I just realized I was longing for the longest time. There were so many logical explanations and conversations without any judgments, that empower me to get to know myself deeper, to acknowledge and accept myself as a whole being. It was a challenging journey, yet a powerful and worth one. I want to thank you for giving me the safest place to evolve and to be conscious."


Monica Zelaya

"I would recommend Inez to anyone looking to understand who their kids are and how much they need to be seen, contained, and heard. Inez is capable to gently steer you to look inside you for answers, holding a loving, safe space, where you can be vulnerable and broken to rise again. Before, I used to feel mostly disconnected, unable to put boundaries in place, and unable to see my child for his truth. Now, I feel deeper connected, I can understand where my son is from a compassionate heart and see him for who he is: a whole human being full of potential and love."


Judith Loe

"Inez is highly in tune and compassionate in her coaching strategy. You will find that working with her allows you to look into areas in your life you had not been aware of. This allows you to make different decisions going forward... It has allowed me to look at how I have shown up as a parent myself, and how I have projected my own "worrying" onto them. Going forward I want to show up as their peer, a partner, and confidant, not a worrying mother. This allows me to have a wonderful relationship on a deeper level with two amazing individuals whom I have been blessed with to call my children."



“Inez helped me to understand the meaning of 'being in the present moment’ as a parent. Now I understand my limits and boundaries as a mother and as a wife. I have become more adaptable. I'm now able to handle tantrums better - not being reactive but to respond and provide comfort to my child. My level of communication with both my spouse and my child has also improved.”


Kristi Scott

"I wholeheartedly endorse Inez. Not only is she brilliant, but she’s the intuitive listener you want at a time of need or transition. Inez has done the work to learn the doctrine, but more importantly, she can fold it all in to make sense of everything that eludes you. She’s a rare breed and truly embodies infinite light." 


“Inez really knows how to get to the root of my anxiety. She made me realize that to release my ego, illusion, and to enjoy the present moment is the best thing that I can do for my child.”