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is the magical space where clarity,
courage, and creativity flourish.
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Your Inner Freedom

Do Good, Feel Good
Are you a Heart-Centered Leader who values humanity, contribution,
and connection more than anything?

Do you believe that the true answer is always within?
Are you eager to lead, love, and live from
your truest truth?

If your heart whispers “yes” to all the above,
then I welcome you to an incredible journey that will not only get you unstuck,
but also feel aligned, and ALIVE.

You have everything you need within you. That is a fact.
And I am here to help you access that space of inner brilliance, so you can lead with true courage, confidence, and creativity.

Hi, I'm Inez!

I am an Inner Freedom Coach, certified Conscious (re)Parenting practitioner, and a heart-led entrepreneur.

I’m committed to guiding you to lead your truest and most moving life mission.

With or without you knowing, you’re creating ripple effects to the people around you. 


Your mission.
Your work. 

Your family.

Your children.

Your community. 


Either spreading fear or faith,

cages or freedom,

… the choice is in your hands. 


And the heart-centered leaders who are uncaged within 

will create the most unimaginable ripple effects.


I’m here to help you do that.


Get unstuck and create possibilities
any fear.

In this eye-opening (and free) consultation session, you’ll discover the real reasons why you feel stuck or scared. (Hint: it is not the uncertainties or constant changes in your life)

My role is to hold you a safe space and a mirror to the deepest wisdom within you. 


Become deeply aware. Let’s connect.

Amanda Cox

Amanda C.

Founder of Truly Parenting

“Inez understands that to be a heart-centered business we need to access our intuition and understand our limiting beliefs. I trusted Inez to take me to my answers, at a beautiful pace. The realisations did not take long to flow and I felt empowered after the session. Inez, you have a gift! And I am grateful beyond words that I have received it which will in turn help me gift my message to others.”

Cheryl Tang

Cheryl Tang

School Owner and
Early Childhood Educator

“Working with Inez is such a heart opening and safe experience. She listens with such authenticity, and she has an amazing grasp at asking good questions to uncover my inner knowing and wholeness that has been buried within. Once I could see the whole landscape and my past response patterns with clarity, I was able to lift myself out of the clouds with a new sense of kindness and compassion towards myself and the distressing situation at hand. Moving forward, I am feeling more confident making grounded decisions from the high road. I am filled with so much gratitude for you Inez.”

Kristi Scott

Kristi Scott

Program Manager,
US Federal Government

"I wholeheartedly endorse Inez. Not only is she brilliant, but she’s the intuitive listener you want at a time of need or transition. Inez has done the work to learn the doctrine, but more importantly, she can fold it all in to make sense of everything that eludes you. She’s a rare breed and truly embodies infinite light."

Judy Loe

Judy Loe

Health & Wellness Coach
and Certified Lifebook Leader

“If you have certain behavioral patterns that block you and don't allow you to move forward, working with Inez will be the sure way of finding out! Through her gentle yet thought provoking guidance she allows you to go through the deep layers of subconscious behaviors. Once you comprehend where these patterns came from and why you are "stuck" in certain areas in life, you are free to explore avenues to get yourself out of the self limiting structure you have lived in.”

Katherine Laura

Katherine Laura

Teacher at The International School
Nido de Aguilas

Inez provided me the safe space that was required to face my biggest fears. (During sessions) I always got the feeling that Inez would never judge which allowed me to open myself up to her with difficult feelings I felt I was struggling with. (This space) allowed me to arrive at the realization with compassion and courage, so that I may break the generational patterns by bringing awareness to them in order to live free being my own authentic self.”

Namrata Dhruve

Founder of Scientific Art of Parenting

“I used to have fear of rejection in every part of my life and I was always in reactivity mode towards the smallest issue. After sessions with Inez, I realised the core reason of why I had this deep fear. This awareness has given me a lot of inner peace and I can see my inner worth now. I can now tame my fear and operate from the wholeness within.

“Inez demonstrates beautiful use of concepts and she helps others to rise and evolve. Extraordinary! It's been an honor to have walked with you on this path, Inez. This is what you're meant to do.”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Clinical Psychologist, NY Times Best Selling Author, International Speaker

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